As Melen & Melenci rafting facility, we have been devoted to rafting for 20 years. We associate rafting with the service sector both commercially and see it as a passion in our lives. Since we are close to cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, we aim to make rafting popular with as many people as possible and to keep this excitement alive for you, our valuable participants.
We want you to complete the rafting tour safely and have maximum pleasure while improving ourselves with the experience and accumulation of experience we have gained every year. As Melen rafting facility, we expand our rafting facility in capacity and renew our materials every year in order to meet the increasing demand. Currently, we offer the opportunity to raft in Düzce Melen Stream with a capacity of 250 people at a time with 30 near-zero rafting boats and 5 older boats. Dear raftig lovers, writing and reading this issue is of course a very easy thing. However, managing an organization of 250 people at once for rafting requires knowledge, experience, service and a solid operation.



Easy & Secure Payment
Easy & Secure Payment

All reservations you will make through Melenci Rafting are secured with 256 BIT SSL certificate. Your credit card information is not stored by us. You can easily make your reservation with a credit card of 14 banks or by money order.

Experienced Guides
Experienced Guides

Melenci Rafting always works with professional, experienced guides who have knowledge of the region to visit, in order to ensure that its guests get the maximum efficiency and enjoyment from a tour they participate in. All of our guides are educated people who love their job.

Tried-Tested Tours
Tried-Tested Tours

We attach great importance to your expectations when determining routes, booking hotels, including activities in the program and planning your trip. For this reason, we critically test all programs before presenting them to you.

New Generation RAFTING


In this adventure that we started as a rafting guide, we are together with friends who set their heart on this job within Melenci Rafting by working tirelessly and lovingly.


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